Organic Citrus Tulsi

Organic Citrus Tulsi

Prod# FT-414

  • Cup Characteristics:  A citrus herbal infusion blended with Tulsi tea, the holy basil plant.  

    Blended in Canada from Imported Ingredients
  • Type:  Premium Tulsi Tea
    Origin:  India
    Region:  Calcutta
    Shipping Port:  Cape Town
    Grade:  Krishna
    Infusion Color:  Copper
    Brewing Temp:  100°C – (212°F)
    Steeping:  3 – 5 mins
  • Organic Ingredients:  Tulsi Tea / Orange Peel / Lime Peel / Lemon Grass / Calendula Flower / Natural Flavouring

Type: Rooibos

Vendor: NTGI

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