How To Make Green Tea


At first glance the process of making Green Tea is simple: steep Green Tea leaves in hot or warm water.

However, preparation of excellent brew of Green Tea relies on certain rules. Many of these rules have been practiced for thousands of years and are deeply ingrained in tradition of tea cultures in many regions around the world.

Teaware Involved

Traditional preparation of Green Tea calls for certain Tea Hardware. Not just for aesthetics but for practical purposes as well. Here are some notable accessories used for Green Tea preparation:

  • Gaiwan

    A large bowl with flared edges. It is used to contain the water and tea leaves, used for infusing. It has a lid and saucer; the lid is used to block the leaves while drinking the tea straight from the Gaiwan. Best ones are made from Yixing clay or even jade.

  • Teapots

    Traditionally made from porcelain or clay, also used for steeping the tea. The teapot is never used for boiling water for tea.

  • Cup

    Green tea can be taken from the cup, filled from the Gaiwan. There are many styles of tea cups, but the best ones are made from glazed porcelain to retain heat.

  • Other Teaware

    In Chinese and Japanese cultures some ceremonies use accessories such as bamboo whisks (for making matcha). Today, new hardware like tea balls (used to contain leaves while steeping), tea strainers, tea caddies and tea bags are easy to find (view our selection of fine teaware) and most often used.

Water for Steeping

Quality of water is deemed very important for preparing green tea. Spring water is best, while distilled water is poorest because the minerals influence the taste and aroma of the tea.

Green Tea preparation requires specific temperatures and are prepared with cooler water temperatures than Black Tea. Generally, higher quality teas need less time steeping and in cooler water temperatures when compared to lower quality teas.

Balancing the Perfect Cup

For a perfect cup of tea, pour 5 ounces of freshly boiled water (61 C to 87 C) into 2 grams (one teaspoon) of Green Tea. Steep the tea according to directions, then drink. Remember, with Green Tea you can refill the pot and steep spent tea leaves until the flavor fades.

Everything You Need For The Perfect Cup of Green Tea