Rooibos Tea


What is Rooibos Tea?

Rooibos Tea is a drink made from Rooibos (meaning: Red Bush) plant (Aspalatus Linearis), which grows in Southern Africa.

Rooibos tea can be served on its own, in concentrated form as ‘red espresso’, as latte or in recipes similar to blended coffees.

How is Rooibos Tea Made?

Once planted, it takes about 18 months before Rooibos plants are ready to be harvested (compared to 3 years with tea plants). When they're ready, shoots (consisting of leaves and twigs) of the plant are harvested, bruised and fermented in heaps. 

The fermentation process enables enzymes in the plant to assume the color and aroma of Rooibos tea. Once the desired tea qualities are achieved, (usually in 10 to 14 hours), fermentation is stopped and the tea is dried in the sun.

Red Rooibos and Green Rooibos

There are two kinds of Rooibos tea; red and green. Rich reddish color of Red Rooibos tea is the product of process described above. 

Green Rooibos tea is made using a similar process, but without the fermentation.The resulting product is loose reddish or tan/yellow colored lengths of twigs and leaves. Before packaging, the product is steam pasteurized to kill germs. Genuine Rooibos tea is made only in South Africa, and it’s a major export product in the country.

Pure Rooibos tea is free from foreign debris and mold and should have a mild sweet and fruity fragrance.

Preparation of Rooibos Tea

To make a brew, measure 5 to 10 mg (one to two teaspoons) per cup. Pour freshly boiled water and infuse for 4 minutes.

Rooibos tea is quite versatile; it is good on its own or with other ingredients. Milk, sugar, and herbal teas can be added into Rooibos tea as flavorings. Chocolate, Cinnamon, and Vanilla are three of our most popular Rooibos blends.

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